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When it is time to begin or catch up on your holiday shopping and you find items online that you want to save, a wish list is the perfect spot. Amazon is popular for their wish list feature that allows you to save any item from any site. But believe it or not, not everyone uses Amazon or even has account. So, here are a few browser extensions that you non-Amazon shoppers can check out for creating your own wish and gift lists.

Wisp Wishlists

The Wisp Wishlists extension provides an easy way to add items from any website you visit. You can add a note to the product which is handy for including a color or size. You can add items to an existing list and also create a new list, which can be made public or private, right from the pop-up. Then when you want to see your lists and products, head over to the Wisp Wishlists website and sign in.

You can edit lists as well as items and you can invite friends so that sharing lists is easy. And, the site also offers items that you can browse through and add to your own list. Wisp Wishlists has extensions for Firefox and Chrome, with bookmarkets for Safari and Internet Explorer.


For Chrome as well as mobile devices, TAGGR is a good option. Select an existing list or create a new one to save your product within the pop-up. A nice feature of this tool is that when you “TAGG” an item, that item is checked daily by the system for price changes. So, if you happen to be waiting for a product to go on sale, TAGGR will let you know when it does. Then just check out your wish lists on your mobile device and click to go directly to the source and make a purchase.

Just a note, while the currency for wish list totals currently appears in pounds, individual items added in USD, for example, should reflect correctly. TAGGR is available for iOS and Android for free and the Chrome extension is meant to be an accompaniment for the mobile app so that you can access your lists from anywhere.


We looked at this extension a while back as a terrific shopping tool for Safari users, but there is also an add-on for Chrome users and a bookmarklet for other browsers. Shoptagr works with over 500 stores worldwide. As with the others, you can select an existing wish list or create a new one. This tool also includes the color and size options from the products you add, making it very convenient to capture all the details.

You can also choose to be notified when there is any price change on the item or when it is 25 or 50 percent off. This is a truly handy feature so that you can be alerted of price changes. When you visit your account on the Shoptagr website you have options to share your list via social media or with a direct link, sort and search for items and retailers, or head directly to the original site to buy your item.


Wishtack is another great option for Chrome users. With this tool, you can add items to your wish list or share them directly from the pop-up to your favorite social media site or via email. Then just log into the Wishtack website to see your list and items. Go directly to the original store to purchase items or invite your friends to share products.

While logged in, you can even browse for some gift ideas with a convenient filter for activity such as music lover or traveler. You can also filter items by price range and men, women, or children. Then just click to add any item to your own wish list.

What Do You Use for Your Wish Lists?

Are you a die-hard Amazon wish list user, do you use one of the above options already, or do you prefer something totally different like a basic to-do list application? Or, maybe you do just like Santa Claus does with his naughty and nice list and rely on simple pen and paper. Feel free to share your comments below!

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