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Most of the time, hackers are portrayed as criminals. Usually, hackers are doing something bad for personal gain when they’re shown in movies and other forms of pop culture.

But there’s a whole world of ethical hacking out there. These white hat hackers actually use their knowledge to uncover vulnerabilities so they can be fixed.

People with these skills are in high demand, and with our name your own price bundle on white hat hacking courses, you can learn the skills that will get you in the door with a career as a white hat hacker.

Buy: Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker Bundle

The Courses

If you beat the average, which is just over $12 as of this writing, you’ll get access to 7 courses with over 60 hours of content. If you don’t beat the average and you choose to pay any price below the average, don’t worry, you’ll still get 2 awesome courses!

The first two courses below are the ones you can get at any price, and the rest come from beating the average.

Node.js Security: Pentesting & Exploitation

Node.js is a popular way to build fast and scalable networks, and as such, anyone who uses it needs people to make sure their work is secure. This course will teach you all about finding vulnerabilities and executing secure code. It’ll make you valuable in any place where Node.js is used.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks for Pentesters

Cross site scripting is something that can happen to any web app, and this course will teach you how to understand it and prevent it from happening to you. With more and more companies working with web apps, it’s never been more important to have programmers who understand how to prevent this common vulnerability from happening.

The Complete Hacking Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!

Here we have the first course you’ll get if you beat the average, and it’s a big one. This is a broad course that will introduce you to the world of ethical hacking. You’ll get a baseline of skills that will allow you to help companies find issues with their networks. From the very basics to more advanced techniques; this course has it all!

Learn Wi-Fi Hacking/Penetration Testing From Scratch

Almost every single company relies on Wi-Fi, and a major insecurity could be catastrophic. That’s why there’s not one, but two courses dedicated to securing a wireless network offered in this bundle. You’ll learn how attacks are executed, so you’ll know how to prevent them in the future.

Windows Exploit Development Megaprimer

Windows is an extremely popular OS in the corporate world (and everywhere else, for that matter). As such, you need to know how to master effective penetration testing techniques including using debuggers, writing shellcodes, and creating exploits using the Egg Hunter program in Microsoft’s OS. You’ll be incredibly in demand in the job market if you master all the skills outlined in this course.

Intensive Ethical Hacking Series

This course gets into more advanced ethical hacking topics. It builds on the concepts in the previous classes and teaches you useful things like crytography, breaching firewalls, attacking passwords, and much more. To be a skilled pentester, you need to learn everything offered in this class and the one we talked about above!

Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security Series

Securing Wi-Fi is so important, there are two courses dedicated to it! This course covers tons of threats to wireless networks, which will make it so you can secure the ones on which you’re working.

Hurry, The Average Will Go Up!

By the very nature of this deal, as more people beat the average, the average will go up! You’re getting in early, so you don’t want to wait to get access to all 7 of these courses. They just might lead you to the career you’ve always wanted!

Buy: Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker Bundle


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