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Just about any company out there needs people who understand how to use data. Going a step further, most businesses use some sort of database in order to keep track of their data. As such, people who understand databases, and how to use them effectively, are always in high demand.

You can be one of those people with this awesome data mastery course from MakeUseOf Deals. The value of these courses on their own is over $600, but you can get access to all of them for just $39 for a limited time!

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7 Courses for Less Than $40

In total, you’ll be getting seven different courses for $39. That’s 94% off the normal price. If you’ve ever had the desire to learn database management in order to better your career prospects, this is the time!

Let’s take a look at the courses you’ll be getting!

Projects in MongoDB: Learn MongoDB Building 10 Projects

MongoDB has quickly become one of the most popular cross-platform NoSQL database solutions available. Companies will continue to need people who understand it to work for them, and the 67 lectures in this course will most definitely prepare you!

Learning SQL, MySQL & Databases Is Easy

The knowledge you’ll gain in this class will come in handy in any type of MySQL environment, which you’re quite likely to face if you work with databases for any amount of time. Whether you want a career in web design or data analysis, you’ll learn a lot in this course.

SQL Server Fast Track for Novices: Tables

If you have even a bit of experience with databases, you know tables are incredibly important, and also quite difficult to understand. That’s why there’s a whole novice course dedicated to just SQL Server Database Tables. At the end you’ll have a strong understanding of them.

Taming Big Data with MapReduce & Hadoop

This course is all about analyzing large amounts of data with MapReduce and Hadoop. If you work for a large company, they are going to have lots of data on all kinds of things, and understanding how to make sense of it all is a required skill to have. This course will give you that skill and much more!

Collect, Extract & Use Online Data Quickly and More Easily

This course starts to get into the more advanced aspects of data management, as it teaches you how to actually collect and extract data from large databases.

Beginner’s Guide to PostgreSQL

This course will help you start the route to PostgreSQL mastery. You’ll learn how to use it, install it, and manipulate data with it. Also, it will teach you more general things about how databases are structured, which will come in handy for any type of database worker.

MySQL Database Training for Beginners

This is a nice general course that will teach you all the basics you need to know to build and manage a database with MySQL. It has 41 lectures that cover a wide range of topics, so by the time you make it to the end, you’ll have a strong foothold into the MySQL world.

Hurry, Deal Ends Soon!

It’s time to start working on those New Year’s Resolutions! What better resolution is there than learning a new skill that could lead to a lucrative new career? Snag this database course bundle for just $39, and you could be well on your way!

Buy: Essential Data Mastery Bundle


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