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There have been some VPN discounts over at MakeUseOf Deals, but this one is absolutely absurd. We have a pay what you want VPN bundle that features a lifetime subscription to AnonVPN and Nonkly Disposable Email that only requires you to beat the average (which is around $15, as of this writing) to get both.

If you don’t beat the average and want to pay less, don’t worry, because you’ll still get a year of AnonVPN!

Buy: Pay What You Want: VPN Lifetime Subscription Bundle

AnonVPN Features

This VPN hits one of the single most important things you should look for when you want to browse the web anonymously, and that’s the fact that it doesn’t keep logs. When we say no logs, we mean absolutely none. They don’t keep your personal information, credit card numbers, PayPal account, or anything else about you on their servers. You can rest easy knowing that you’re secure when you use AnonVPN.

If you’re a very active Internet user, you’ll love AnonVPN because they offer unlimited bandwidth. You can do whatever you want without worrying about hitting any kinds of caps and having your protection shut off. Even if you’re streaming Netflix nonstop, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

There are also servers all around the world, so if you’re trying to bypass region locks, you’ll have no problem. There are plenty of US servers, as well as London, Amsterdam, and others. This will open up a wide range of video streaming options that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get access to.

AnonVPN also promises that its servers are incredibly fast, so you’ll be able to maintain your online anonymity without sacrificing speed. You want to enjoy the Internet speed that you’re paying for, not have your VPN slow it down to a crawl!

If you’re not convinced, you can always snag a year of AnonVPN for any price you choose and decide if it’s for you. Just remember, the average is going to keep going up, so if you’ve been meaning to secure your Internet connection, there’s never been a better time, as lifetime subscriptions for around $15 don’t come around too often.

Nonkly Disposable Email Features

When you sign up for a service, you’re probably going to need an email address. In many cases, you need a valid email address, and the service will make you prove it with some kind of verification email. This could open up your personal email address to all kinds of spammers. No one enjoys that!

That’s why you can get a lifetime subscription to Nonkly, which lets you make disposable email addresses for any reason. And this doesn’t just add numbers to your existing email address. No, you actually choose a whole new address, which makes it so spammers can’t just strip down the address and email you anyway.

There are no limits on the number of addresses you can make, so you can literally create a new one every time you sign up for a new service or list anything on classifieds where you don’t want your real email address to be seen. You can even use one to sign up for the VPN above (something the creators of AnonVPN encourage) to create an even higher level anonymity.

Hurry, Average Will Rise!

The best thing about deals where you name your own price is that you can save more by getting in sooner. But as time goes by, more people beat the average and it rises. That means you don’t want to wait! Head over to MakeUseOf Deals and get your lifetime VPN subscription for an insanely low price.

Buy: Pay What You Want: VPN Lifetime Subscription Bundle


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