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The winter season is a real productivity killer. Between shivering spines and frozen fingers, your workflow may grind to a halt. Indeed, there’s nothing worse than being unable to warm up in your own home.

The good news is you aren’t alone. The obvious solution is to fix any heating issues you may have, but if you’re still cold — or you just want to save on heating costs — then there are a lot of small gadgets and devices that may come in handy.

Individually, these products may seem like ineffective gimmicks, but if you combine two or three of them, you’ll find that you’re way more comfortable than you were before.

1. USB Heated Mug Sleeve

In the past, we included a USB mug warmer as one of our gift ideas for coffee lovers, but if you’ve been planning on getting one this winter — whether for yourself or for someone else — then you may want to reconsider. There’s a much better alternative out there: The USB Heated Mug Sleeve by Besteek.

Unlike a normal mug warmer, which is just a flat heated plate, this one is flexible sleeve that you can wrap around the entire mug. The result is less heat loss, longer heat retention, and adaptability to any mug regardless of shape or size. Heat range is 113 to 122 Fahrenheit.

If you prefer the plate design, then we recommend the Decorative Cup Warmer by Norpro. It has a nonstick heating element, a light indicator for power, and fits mugs up to a diameter of 3.75 inches.

2. EnergyFlux Rechargeable Handwarmer

One of the best ways to warm up is with a portable handwarmer, but don’t settle for the disposable or non-electric kinds. They wear out and you end up spending more money in the long run. Instead, consider the Rechargeable Portable Handwarmer by EnergyFlux.

The price is a little steep, but the features are worthwhile: it’s double-sided (most portable handwarmers only heat on one side), has two temperature settings, lasts up to five hours, and can be used as a portable USB charger if necessary.

This is an awesome last-minute gift for the holidays, too!

Pro Tip: The best way to use a handwarmer? Not in your hands! Place the heat source on your wrists, along the side of your throat, or between your upper thighs. This transfers the heat directly into your arteries, thus warming you up faster.

3. Sunbeam Heated Fleece Wrap

Fleece wraps are a great way to stay warm, but electric fleece wraps are even better. This Heated Fleece Wrap by Sunbeam is a more practical solution than a space heater when all you need is a bit of personal warmth, because it uses less energy and wastes less heat.

At 25 inches by 57 inches, this wrap is big enough for most people. It has four heat settings, an auto-shutoff function, two pockets for convenience, and can double as a seat warmer if you just fold it up. The fleece is extra soft too, which is nice.

4. ValueRays USB Seat Warmer

If the fleece wrap above isn’t exactly your style, then you may want to opt for something less conspicuous, like a heated seat warmer. This USB Seat Warmer by ValueRays is great for computer-related activity (e.g. writing, gaming, etc.) because all it needs is a USB port.

Its flexible design means it can be used on nearly any kind of chair. The heat is infrared, and since there’s a voltage limit for USB power, you won’t ever be burned. The cover is also washable, making it easy to clean.

5. Cozy Products Heated Footrest

What most people don’t realize is that a lot of heat is lost through the soles of the feet. As such, socks and slippers are important — but in some cases, they may not be enough. That’s when you’ll need something like this Heated Footrest by Cozy Products.

This simple device has adjustable heat settings, three adjustable positions, a low-key design that makes it great for office environments, and an energy-efficient 90-watt design. Nothing keeps you warmer than having warm feet.

6. ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

Warm feet aren’t just important at home. In fact, depending on how cold it gets where you live, it may be even more important to make sure your feet stay warm away from home. Wool socks and proper boots go a long way, but so does this Rechargeable Heated Insole by ThermaCell.

This insole comes in five sizes, ranging from 4.4 to 13 in Mens (or 6 to 14 in Womens). It’s battery-powered, but there aren’t any battery straps or wires to worry about. It’s rechargeable, has two heat settings, and can be turned off.

The only issue is that this product is rather pricey. If you live in an extremely cold area like Alaska or Canada, then it may justify the price. It may also prove helpful for sufferers of Reynaud’s disease. Otherwise, we wouldn’t blame you for passing this one over.

7. Remedies Ultrasonic Humidifier

If your home feels colder than expected, it could be due to low humidity. Moist air holds heat better than dry air, which means that your home could feel noticeably warmer if you just pump up the relative humidity with the Ultrasonic Humidifier by Remedies.

As an ultrasonic humidifier, this device produces almost no noise. It comes with a stone filter (replace every 500 hours), has a 2.8L capacity with auto-shutoff functionality, and a diffuser compartment for scented oil-based or water-based aromas.

If you don’t like it, a good alternative is the Ultrasonic Humidifier by TaoTronics. It uses a cartridge filter and lacks an aroma diffuser feature, but the humidifier itself works well enough for home use.

8. Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

If you have central heating but want to save on your energy bill, you may be better off switching to a space heater and only heating the room you’re in – and as far as space heaters are concerned, the AM09 Fan Heater by Dyson is one of the best in its price range.

It has no moving parts or exposed heating elements, making it safer and quieter than most space heaters. It also has timer-based and tip-over auto-shutoff functions. The heat distribution is both long and wide, offering lots of coverage.

Other features include a remote control, easy tilting of the heat direction, and high energy efficiency. Combined with these alternative energy home projects, you could see a significant reduction in home heating costs this winter.

How Do You Stay Warm for Winter?

If you hate the winter season because you have trouble staying warm at home, then these gadgets and devices will definitely bring you a few steps closer to true comfort. Try a few of them and see how they work for you.

Looking for something a bit more serious? Consider installing a smart thermostat.

Got any tips of your own for staying warm in the winter? We’d love to hear them! Share with us in a comment down below.

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