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Not long ago, T-Mobile forged ahead with their plan to allow certain streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO to not count towards mobile data caps. You might recognize it as the Binge On program. Sounds good, right?

Think again. We’ve already explored why this is actually terrible news, but it seems like this program is proving problematic in other ways as well.

One of the fine print details of the Binge On service is that all forms of streamed video are reduced to 480p quality — and apparently that includes video from services that aren’t even part of the Binge On program, like YouTube.

So if you’re enrolled in the Binge On program, you’ll notice that YouTube videos look worse and still count towards your mobile data cap. And the unfortunate thing is that there’s only one way to solve it right now: disable Binge On completely.

To do this, go to the T-Mobile website and log into your account. Navigate to your account profile, click the Media Settings section, and disable the Binge On feature there.

We realize that this is a big blow to some of you, but don’t let it sour your streaming experience. Whenever you’re on Wi-Fi, you can still watch plenty of awesome videos from these TV and movie streaming services.

Do you use T-Mobile’s Binge On feature? Why or why not? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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