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When it comes time to get a new job, you’re going to need skills. More importantly, you’re going to need proof that you have the skills.

That’s why we have a huge bundle of IT courses that will prepare you to pass the exams required to earn your Cisco network engineering, CCNP troubleshooting, CompTIA Network+, and Red Hat credentials.

You’d normally need to pay almost $3,000 to get access to all of these courses, but for a limited time, you can jump in for just $49 through MakeUseOf Deals!

Buy: Complete CCNA, CCNP & Red Hat Certification Training Bundle

How Much Will You Learn?

You’re coming into this course bundle to learn, so you probably want to know just what you’re $49 is going to get you. Well, to start with, you’ll find that there is a total of 65 hours of content offered in this massive bundle. That means you’re spending less than a dollar an hour, which is quite reasonable as far as quality career training goes.

You’ll find courses on a wide-range of IT topics that will prepare you for a multitude of respected certifications. You will increase your knowledge of Cisco networks, which are used by many, many companies. There are courses covering a wide range of topics that you will face as an entry-level IT specialist, and there are even parts of the courses that focus on more advanced issues that will happen as you move up the career ladder.

Since these courses are all about preparing you to take the Cisco network engineering, CCNP troubleshooting, CompTIA Network+, and Red Hat tests, you’ll find four practice tests in the bundle of courses that will help you get a feel for what those exams will be like. You want to make sure you pass the exams so you can add them to your resume, and these practice tests will make it so you aren’t going in blind.

The classes offered in this bundle are designed to be done by people who are already working, which means time will be a precious resource. All of the eBooks in the courses are downloadable, so you can study them anywhere you want. Whether you need to take them on your commute, or you’re going to sit down to do a little reading on your lunch break, the content will be available to you!

Hurry, Deal Ends Soon!

If you’ve been thinking of getting into the IT field, or you already work in IT and are looking to move the career ladder a few rungs, this bundle of exam prep courses is exactly what you need. At $49, it’s a tiny investment in yourself that could lead to some huge returns.

Buy: Complete CCNA, CCNP & Red Hat Certification Training Bundle

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