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Sometimes the answer to all of your problems is right in front of you. In fact, a calculator is a great way to find the answer you need. Do you want to use pen and paper to figure out the square root of 9877656? No, you want to type it into your calculator and have the answer displayed to you.

But what if you were in the process of typing that on your iOS calculator and you made a typo? You’d probably hit the Clear button and type the whole number again. But there’s a better way. All it takes is a swipe.

That’s right, you can delete a single number in the iOS calculator just by swiping the screen in the area where the numbers are displayed.

I’ve been using iOS since it first came out, and somehow this has eluded me this whole time. Learning this simple swipe trick literally changed the way I use my phone forever.

Is there any seemingly simple iOS trick that you think everyone should know? Share in the comments!

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