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Windows can keep your passwords, browser settings, themes, etc. synchronized across all of your Windows machines. Unfortunately, using this sync option can mess up settings on individual PCs. There’s a simple fix for this problem: customize sync settings.

Go to Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings. From this location, you can turn off sync for any type of setting that you’d like to limit to specific PCs. Think themes, accessibility features, language preferences. If you want to turn off sync altogether, you have an option for that as well.

The sync feature works only if you have signed into Windows with a Microsoft account. Don’t have one? Getting a Microsoft account is easy. And by default, your settings are shared across all Windows machines using that specific account.

Are your PCs sync settings set to default or have you tweaked them to get more control over your Windows machines? Or do you prefer to leave the sync feature turned off? Share you choice with us in the comments.

Image Credit: Synchronization of corporate data by Jirsak via Shutterstock


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